League Rules

Rules last updated: 10-Aug-2020

Season 1 = 5-Apr – 16-May (WS winner advances to TOC)

Season 2 = 17-May – 27-June (WS winner advances to TOC)

Season 3 = 28-June – 8-Aug (WS winner advances to TOC)

Season 4 = 9-Aug – 19-Sep (WS winner advances to TOC)

Tournament of Champions = 20-Sep – 3-Oct 4

  • WS winners + 4 best cumulative records of non WS winners across Seasons 1-4
  • If someone wins multiple seasons, we will continue down the cumulative standings to fill the 8 team TOC

League Settings+Rules

teams in league: 30

season length: 29 games

  • Batting Difficulty: HOF
  • Pitching Difficulty: HOF
  • Guess Pitch: OFF
  • Quick Counts: OFF
  • Balks: OFF
  • Umpire Accuracy: AVERAGE
  • Umpire Close Plays: OFF
  • DH: OFF
  • game time: home manager choice
  • month: October
  • weather: overcast

“Disconnect rule”

A game is considered a regulation game — also known as an “official game” — once the visiting team has made 15 outs (five innings) and the home team is leading, or once the home team has made 15 outs regardless of score. If a game is terminated before becoming an official game, the results up to the point of the termination will not count and the game will be started over. However, in order to combat any abuse of the “disconnect rule”, the commissioners have final discretion on all disconnected games.

Game Sliders

Starting Pitcher Stamina = +1

Human Contact = +1

all others will remain ‘neutral’. If changes are requested, changes will only occur with majority of managers approving. Changes will also only occur in the offseason. *However, if a slider change is approved UNANIMOUSLY, then it can be applied at time of vote.

CPU trades

at beginning of each season, a manager may make no more than ONE trade to any CPU team. * The rating of each player being received must be equal to or less than the player being sent. *The positions in the transaction also must align. *The number of players sent must equal the number of players received. For example, if receiving a 70 SP, the manager must send at least a 70 SP. Trade order will be based on previous season standings.


last 2 weeks of each season

teams: 10

Wildcard round: seed 7vs10 & 8vs9

Games per Postseason round: 5 (2-2-1)

World Series: 7 (2-3-2)

CPU teams

CPU teams will only be filled during an offseason. .

ALL playoff games vs CPU teams must be played.